Advanced Social Media Marketing

The Advanced Social Media Marketing program is designed to assist organizations that already understand the importance of social media to clarify the types and balance of social media tools that they need to support their organizational strategies and objectives.  The six Advanced modules focus on how to enhance or perfect existing social media implementations, regardless of the current channels that are being utilized. The Advanced Social Media Marketing program focuses on establishing and maintaining a deeper relationship with customers through social media, success measures including monitoring and measurement, and the management of multiple social media channels in a team environment.

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This program is delivered by instructor Lyle Wetsch synchronously through a hi-definition video and audio connection. An additional expert facilitator will be on site. The Advanced Social Media Marketing program consists of six modules:

    Advanced Strategy - Engagement

    In 2011 and 2012, companies and organizations were focused on establishing their social media presence. Unfortunately, the emphasis was on ‘connecting’ with customers, getting people to follow them  or 'friend' them. But once they became connected, very little was implemented  to capitalize on the true value of social media, the ability to ‘engage’. This module establishes the importance of engagement, the strategies that can facilitate engagement, and the added value that can be achieved.

    Customer Experience & Social CRM

    Enhancing the customer experience is one of the objectives that can be achieved through the incorporation of social media into an organization’s marketing mix. This module explores the enhancements that social media can provide to these experiences, especially in the evolution of Customer Experience Management and Customer Relationship Management (CEM and CRM).

    CRM  has evolved over the past years, and although it still involves the utilization of databases and  back-end  technologies, it is now more customer-centric and interactive than ever before, through the integration of social media.

    Metrics & Measurement I

    Undertaking a new strategy element within an organization raises several questions, many of them related to the value of such an exercise. Because of this, any new venture is often provided a short space of time within which it needs to prove its value to the organization.

    Social  media is not immune to these value questions. Much has been written and discussed regarding the ‘value’ that social media can bring to an organization.

    There are well over 100 different ways to measure social media, but  before  you  get  wrapped  up with tracking so many factors, it is important to understand which metrics  are appropriate  to  you. The answer depends on what your objectives are. In Module 3 & Module 4 of this program, we will explore the various measures that everyone should be monitoring, and the metrics to track.

    Metrics & Measurement II

    The value from effective metrics can only be realized if they are ‘easy,’ easy to obtain, easy to report, and easy to understand.  This is the role of analytics and software monitoring tools.

    Where Metrics and Measurement I reviews ‘WHAT’ metrics are appropriate and useful, and ‘WHY’ you want to be measuring them, Metrics and Measurement II introduces you to a wide variety of tools that will allow you to not only track these metrics, but assist you in evaluating and understanding their implications.

    Social Media Aggregators - HootSuite

    As you start to expand the range of social media  channels in which you  are  deployed, managing and maintaining these channels becomes a greater challenge. Being able to monitor multiple accounts on several different social media channels is the role of ‘aggregators’. One of the world's best is HootSuite.

    By integrating several social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google+, etc., HootSuite users are able to monitor and post updates on several different accounts on each platform. Additionally, various analytics and scheduling tools allow users to manage the deployment of their social media messages.

    In this module, you will understand how HootSuite can save you both time and money while assisting you in increasing both your effectiveness and your efficiency.

    Emerging Social Channels

    Social media tools are evolving every day. Many emerging channels may hold significant value to an organization and early adoption may provide a major marketing advantage.

    In this module, we will investigate in more detail the social media channels that have the potential to be the ‘next big thing’ for 12-18 months down the roadl, looking at emerging trends, opportunities and issues of incorporating them into your social media strategy.

    An important area of focus will also be visual tools like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine. Some potential topic areas could include virtual world environments, social gaming, daily deals, or knowledge management tools. The effective management of a social media strategy is not only about ensuring effective and efficient delivery through existing channels, but also the preparation for and consideration of developing and emerging channels.

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