Business Analytics Part II: Advanced Microsoft® Excel Techniques

Learn the Value of Optimization with Advanced Excel® Tools

Companies are requiring to generate more impactful decisions to improve process, save money, and increase profit. In order to do so, this requires investigating deeper than simple data collection and optimizing business models to manage the data being generated that could help in their decision-making. The University of St. Thomas Business Analytics Part II is an advanced Microsoft® Excel training that uses higher functionality to find answers for today’s tough decisions. Participants will learn the process of implementing an effective strategy to gain a competitive advantage and stability by unfolding comprehensive data for developing business process modeling and simulating risk in business models. 

This advanced Microsoft® Excel training program will help participants make better decision by create effective models and utilizing the advanced Excel® tools. With their new skills, participants will be able to organize data into a well-structured forecasting system, optimize labor scheduling, balancing project portfolios and much more by using business process modeling.

Become proficient in the most challenging areas of Microsoft® Excel 2013 to fully leverage all the features it has to offer plus the Excel add-on software @RISK. Understand the successful tools this advanced Microsoft® Excel training will provided and be able to apply more impactful statistical analysis tools and techniques that will build your optimization skills. 


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