Business Analytics Using Microsoft® Excel 2013

Stronger Business Decisions with Data Analysis in Excel

In today’s business world, there is a constant stream of data being generated that could be a decision-making asset for your company. The problem is how to organize this data, what business analytics tools to use, and how to benefit your company with the information. This advanced Excel program provides the opportunity to master business modeling, creating Excel data tables, and analysis techniques’ helping you understand what data is telling you. Business analytics courses enhance your problem solving skills to make superior business decisions, and the University of St. Thomas’ Business Analytics Using Microsoft® Excel 2013 program teaches you the ability with easy accessible tools needed to complete those skills.

Our advanced Excel program helps you acquire a deeper understanding of effective and productive ways to use Microsoft® Excel 2013.  You will learn how to use Excel, and its business analytics tools you may be unaware of, in ways helping decision makers better understand complex data.

Become proficient in the most challenging areas of Microsoft® Excel 2013 to fully leverage all the features it has to offer within business analytics and Excel data tables. Know how to utilize data analysis in excel, and be able to understand and apply more impactful analysis techniques to build your problem solving skills with the University of St. Thomas’ Business Analytics Using Microsoft® Excel 2013. Register today to begin making quality decisions for your company with business analytics courses at the University of St Thomas Executive Education and Professional Development.  

Listen to John Olson, lead instructor, describe Business Analytics Using Microsoft® Excel 2013.


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