Professional Certificate in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Training & Certificate Program

Real estate professionals must continually gain fresh knowledge, insights, and strategies in order to keep up with market changes and remain marketable in the industry. For higher valued return, professionals within the commercial real estate industry need a strong foundation of mixed skills to understand and employ real estate market analysis, urban land economics market trends, investment analysis tactics, and other commercial real estate finance tools.

With the University of St. Thomas’ Professional Certificate in Commercial Real Estate, you will become the well-rounded real estate professional needed to stay at the top of the competition. Don’t miss out on valuable continuing education experience and opportunity.

Participants of the entire commercial real estate training series will develop or grow the following skills:

  • Develop investment and income analysis for income-producing real estate investments and expansions for overall value-enhancement.
  • Create real estate market analysis techniques to forecast supply and demand and market trends in different areas.
  • Learn the areas of commercial real estate finance with debt and equity, and the methods of valuation and appraisals.
  • Examine and know the roles government and law have in commercial real estate, contract, and property management.
  • Understand the practices for asset management with single and portfolio assets, and the value of management.

Choose one or more of the six programs to gain practical skills you will apply to your real estate transactions. Each program meets one evening per week for five weeks. The programs include:

  • Asset Management (Spring 2015)

  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate & GovernmentalControls (Spring 2015)

  • Valuation

  • Urban Land Economics and Market Analysis

  • Commercial Real Estate Finance (Spring 2015)

  • Investment and Income Analysis (Spring 2015)

After attending all six programs, participants have built up effective and proficient strategies to be at the top of their competition using their refreshed perspective on the business of commercial real estate. Register today for the Professional Certificate in Commercial Real Estate to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Continuing Education Credit:  Earn Real Estate Continuing Education (CE) Course Credit through the Minnesota Department of Commerce with our programs. 15 hours submitted for each 5-week program.

Cost, Dates, and Times
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Earn a Professional Certificate

Take all six programs within three years to earn your Professional Certificate in Commercial Real Estate.

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