Introduction to Social Media Marketing

The Introduction to Social Media Marketing program provides you with an opportunity to enhance your digital and e-marketing program by introducing you to the most popular social media channels that you can use today.  Any application of digital or social media into your marketing and communications mix begins with having a clear strategy and policy.  

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This program is delivered by instructor Lyle Wetsch synchronously through a hi-definition video and audio connection. An additional expert facilitator will be on site. The Introduction to Social Media Marketing consists of six modules:

    Strategy Development and Execution

    This module provides participants with the key aspects of developing or refining their Social Media Strategy. Using samples and a strategy template, participants will work through the stages necessary to their organization. This module also includes discussion and practical development of a Social Media Policy.

    Social Channel Strategy

    Social Media channel usage is essential today, particularly for those that engage with customer/clients in real time. During this module participants will learn the strategies that are used with key channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+, and explore how to evaluate the channels that are best suited to different situations. This will allow participants to build upon the Strategic Planning from Module 1 by starting a Tactical Deployment Plan.

    Mobile Channel Strategy

    Increasingly, the tool that is being used to explore an organization's digital and social media presence is mobile. Shortly, it will surpass desktop and laptop devices for digital interactions with brands. This module will allow participants to expand on their Tactical Deployment Plan to include elements such as a mobile or responsive website, mobile apps, SMS marketing, and augmented reality applications.

    Visual Channel Strategy

    In the Social Media world, a "digital presence" needs to be increasingly visual. Channels such as Instagram and Pinterest are becoming more central to digital deployment. In addition, the use of Infographics and photo repositories such as Smug Mug allow more visual content to reach an audience. This module explores ways to incorporate relevant visual channels into a Tactical Deployment Plan to provide a more visual experience.

    Video Channel Strategy

    Every day, 24 minutes of YouTube video is watched for each internet user on the planet. Canadian internet users watch over 100 minutes of online video a day, 80% of which is on YouTube. What is your organization's video content plan? By evaluating the strengths and opportunities in key tools such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, and Google+ Hangouts, organizations will be able to add the correct video elements to their Tactical Deployment Plan.

    Integration and Team Management

    Once the range of channels that an organization is deployed on increases, and the number of users involved in the communication grows, effectively integrating digital and social media channels through cross-channel promotions and communication becomes essential. Using management tools such as HootSuite or Sprout Social can save time and money and allow a more effective and efficient deployment with a small team.

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