Introduction to Social Media Marketing

The Introduction to Social Media Marketing program provides you with an opportunity to enhance your digital and e-marketing program by introducing you to the most popular social media channels that you can use today.  Any application of digital or social media into your marketing and communications mix begins with having a clear strategy and policy.  

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This program is delivered by instructor Lyle Wetsch synchronously through a hi-definition video and audio connection. An additional expert facilitator will be on site. The Introduction to Social Media Marketing consists of six modules:

    Social Media Marketing Strategy

    The  focus of this  module is the role that social  media  can  play  in overall business strategies, including   marketing,  HR, and other  departments,  in  facilitating and achieving organizational goals. But, the social elements within an organization are not enough—they must be integrated with other digital components, such as the website, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

    In order to inform staff and employees within the organization of the advantages of incorporating digital media within the organization, a clear Social Media Policy  is  essential. This  module will review the basics of both your strategy and your policies and provide guidance for improving your existing strategy/policies or developing them.

    Once you have a clear Social Media Strategy, then individual social media channels can be explored to see how they can be applied more effectively.

    Intro to Facebook Marketing

    In this module, you will learn how to use Facebook to secure and expand your social media reach.

    As of January 2013, Facebook is the largest of all social networks, with over 1 billion users, over 650 million which connect via their mobile device. The diverse capabilities of Facebook provide a rich channel with many unique marketing opportunities. Facebook surpassed Google  as  the  most visited site on the Internet in 2010 and the average US-based Facebook user spends seven hours per month on the site.

    The timeline feature allows businesses to ‘tell their history’ on Facebook, and advertising on Facebook now provides you with the ability to target your messaging to specific audiences. In addition, by using Facebook pages,groups, or simply monitoring discussion areas, Facebook can be incorporated into an e-marketing strategy. This class will explore all of these facets of Facebook.

    Intro to Twitter & Blog Marketing

    In this module, you will learn how to use Twitter and blog marketing to boost your social media presence.

    Twitter has changed the way that people obtain information and communicate  in real  time ...into 140 character messages! 

    In addition to obtaining news and information, Twitter has become an increasingly important channel that customers use to reach out to organizations for service and support. The public nature of Twitter means that you have  the  opportunity  to improve the perception that your current and potential customers or clients have of your brand by how you respond to these inquiries.

    The ability for you to respond in a public and open forum can build trust, credibility and loyalty from customers and observers alike. Twitter provides companies with a communications platform that helps build connections and provides the opportunity to boost relationships,140 characters at a time.

    Intro to LinkedIn Marketing

    In this module, you will learn how to maximize your exposure and returns on LinkedIn.

    While  Facebook is a great personal social media channel with some business applications, LinkedIn   is all about business and is the leading professional social networking application with both Business-to-Business (B-to-B) and Business-to-Consumer (B-to-C) applications.

    With over 225 million members using 19 different languages (as of January 2013), LinkedIn is the ideal platform for HR to use  for recruitment, individuals to use for personal  branding  and job seeking, and for organizations looking to promote their products and services to a B-to-B market.

    Through the integration of tools and applications in LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to create industry discussion groups, track company buzz, or conduct polls of your network and target groups. In this module, you will learn how to optimize your personal and organizational presence.

    Intro to Google+

    Google+ is one of the newest social media channels, coming out of beta testing in September 2011 with 50 million users. Since then it has grown into the second largest social media channel on the basis of active users (behind Facebook).

    The  biggest power of Google+ is not just in what it is capable of doing, but how it integrates with all of Google’s other properties. Google+ allows you to manage your communications by putting your connections into circles, so that only those who you want to see any content will. Similar to Twitter however, you can have followers on Google+, but they only have access to posts that you have chosen  to make public.

    Google+ Hangouts is a true game changer and potentially heralds the demise of Skype. It provides real-time  video and voice conferencing for up to 10 participants for free, as well as Hangouts on Air, which allows real-time streaming on your YouTube Channel, Google+ Page, and your Website.

    Join us to learn about the power of this rapidly emerging social channel.

    Intro to Online Video Marketing

    YouTube  changed the world of e-marketing. Static text and paper- based marketing has now evolved to include the world of video. You have the capability through your own YouTube channel to present product launches, provide customer interactional videos, or generate interesting and engaging videos that go viral. The new ‘One Channel’ even optimizes your channel for mobile.

    In 2012, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth!  Every minute, 100 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube. And this content is not just being watched - more that 50% of all videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community.  

    Creating a YouTube channel and video content that is relevant to your business is an excellent way to boost your company’s exposure. In this segment, you will learn the ins and outs of this important channel.

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