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Professionals who take the time to stay current and competitive in their careers are more likely to be successful and catch the attention of company leaders. Whether you are seeking new insights, thinking about changing careers, or need a refresher course in the functional areas of business, expanding and fully developing your business acumen skills are crucial.

The Mini MBA Program features Z-Class Business Simulation, an experience where you will make real-life business decisions and analyze the effects of your decisions on a company. Applying your newly acquired knowledge will make you a valuable asset and you’ll retain 60% more than through reading and lecture alone.

Whatever your immediate career goals are, this program will quickly increase your value and potential as noted in a 2009 Business Week article. You’ll be noticed because of your:

  • Well-rounded business acumen skills
  • Ability to think critically and act strategically
  • Capacity to lead change with leadership practices
  • Integrity and sound ethical values

The challenging yet condensed curriculum uses case studies, lecture, leadership practices, and application exercises to teach timely, relevant topics – combine to create one of the best business training programs offered nationwide. You’ll also find the small classes and collaborative environment help you form a tight-knit network of industry peers – valuable benefits for current business professionals and job seekers.

University of St. Thomas Mini MBA Program fits the needs of most business men and women, including:

  • Professionals looking to stay current and competitive
  • Professionals changing careers
  • Job seekers in the market to build their resume further
  • Leaders wanting to expand their business acumen skills and knowledge for sounder decision-making

Getting noticed by your organization's leaders will begin with taking initiative in attending business training programs at the University of St. Thomas. Get started today by registering for the Mini MBA Program.

Mini MBA Program Dates and Times
Founded in 1885, the University of St. Thomas has established itself as one of the premier universities in Minnesota and the Midwest. The business-focused continuing education unit, which is now Executive Education and Professional Development, was created in 1957 by Bishop James Shannon and Peter F. Drucker. There are currently more than 7,000 students engaged in the Opus College of Business’s undergraduate, graduate, executive and professional education studies because they value the emphasis on career preparation and engaging in service to others.


The Mini MBA Program is now offered in an online format. For more information visit:

Online Mini MBA Program


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