Marketing Data Analysis: Design, Dissect, Decide

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

- John Wanamaker

Wanamaker’s famous saying is surely a relic of advertising in an analog world. With advances in online advertising tools and more sophisticated means to measure the effects of activities for solid digital marketing data, there has never been a better time to advertise products and services online. This program will introduce you to the various measurement paradigms for digital marketing data and activities, and establish a framework to effectively understand your digital investment resources. 

Marketing Data Analysis: Design, Dissect, Decide consists of three modules:

    Module 1:

    Web Analytics Measurement Strategy

    We begin this program with a comprehensive discussion of strategies and frameworks that can be used to measure web activity. Learn how to analyze qualitative and quantitative digital marketing data to gain a complete picture of your online efforts, find tools for harvesting intelligence and benchmarking competitor performance, and understand why testing is so important to web performance.

    Module 2:

    Digital Marketing Analytics Tools (Google Analytics)

    This portion of the program focuses on the specific website analytics offering by Google, which is the measurement platform of choice for over 75 percent of the world’s websites. Learn about Google Analytics’ many uses and how Google Analytics can help fine tune your digital marketing efforts. 

    Module 3:

    Web Data Mining Marketing Techniques

    In addition to measuring website traffic analytics, there are many increasingly sophisticated ways to study what drives people to your website, whether customers are satisfied with what they find there, and how you can make improvements to your digital advertising programs. Learn how user testing and website heat maps can help you increase the number of customers who purchase from your company, how to use surveys to improve satisfaction, and what tools can be used to understand your competitors’ marketing efforts. Walk away with a full foundation of skills and knowledge on how to use website analytics to leverage your marketing and your company.

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Marketing Data Analysis

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