Custom Corporate Programs

UST Executive Education tailors programs for our corporate clients to meet the development needs of their employees. The links on this page will help you identify potential solutions to performance issues you want to address.

Leadership Development
Our Leadership Development programs can help your leaders build on their strengths and focus on their development opportunities to be more effective in their role. Our more popular leadership programs address such concerns as:

  • The ability to analyze financial data to determine the impact of specific events or decisions on your business, including the connection between business unit budgets and financial management of the greater organization
  • Having a clear strategic direction, alignment of organizational and line of business strategies, and effective implementation of strategies
  • Gaps in overall leadership generally found in new leaders, such as ineffective communication or negotiation skills, performance or change management, or approaches to team development

Project Management
Our Project Management programs may be appropriate for your employees. Potential performance concerns may reveal themselves in your organization through:

  • The inability of project managers to complete projects on time
  • Projects consistently coming in over budget
  • Miscommunication or misinformation is a reoccurring trend rather than an uncommon occurrence
  • Project managers are limited in their capacity to take on additional work

Management of Non-Profit Organizations
We partner with non-profit organizations to address their unique business needs. Visit our Non-Profit Management programs that, in part, help develop your staff to be able to:

  • Raise, manage and align funds and resources
  • Develop and stabilize organizational infrastructure
  • Identify and satisfy the needs of constituents
  • Recruit, develop, and support board members, paid staff and volunteers

Unique Employee Development Needs
UST Executive Education helps organizations develop employees to meet the unique demands of today’s complex global economy. Leading organizations in this increasingly competitive business environment are looking to develop their greatest resource – their human capital. Our programs may be the catalyst your staff needs to help you differentiate your organization. We’ve helped our corporate clients develop their staff to be able to:

  • Create innovative product, service, and process solutions
  • Work effectively in teams, and across complex organizations
  • Improve relationships with international clients and stakeholders, and improve effectiveness managing staff in multiple locations

Dawn BazarkoClick here to view a video of Dawn Bazarko, Senior Vice President of the Center for Nursing Advancement at UnitedHealth Group, talk about the custom program development process at UST.


US BankWatch a video showing what participants in the Leadership Excellence Program for US Bank have to say about the experience of collaborating with UST on this custom program.


James WilliamsView a video of James Williams, Vice President of Human Resources at Polaris, talk about how Polaris formed a partnership with UST Executive Education to design a customized Next Generation Leadership Program that is preparing first time leaders at Polaris to transition from the individual contributor role to a leadership role within the company.

Here To Help
Not sure how to proceed? UST Executive Education can help you design a program to meet the specific needs of your organization. Contact one of our Directors of Executive Education to learn more.

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