Physician Leadership College

Mission: To develop effective, influential, and confident physician leaders who work for the benefit of patient care.

Physician leadership requires a unique set of skills and presents special challenges. However, many physicians today are being asked to assume leadership roles without the requisite education and preparation. The result is a growing number of physician executives who are seeking greater understanding of their leadership role in relation to their physician peers, administrators, as well as their organizations.

The Physician Leadership College prepares individuals for meaningful positions of influence and authority within their health care organizations. PLC is designed for physicians who have had significant leadership experience and who anticipate an increasing role and greater opportunity within their organizations.

PLC graduates benefit by becoming more:

  • Influential in motivating and inspiring others, managing and resolving conflicts, and working with administration
  • Effective in creating best practices, as well as improving health care outcomes, employee performance, financial results, and more
  • Confident in your ability to step up to new leadership opportunities and find creative solutions to challenges
  • Respected by administrators, peers and direct reports because of the confident, principled and ethical ways in which you approach your leadership privilege

Sponsoring health care organizations benefit from PLC graduates who:

  • Improve organizational service, quality, and financial performance
  • Have greater personal loyalty to the organization, improving physician retention and recruitment
  • Successfully spearhead new initiatives
  • Increase collaboration between business leaders and clinical groups
  • More effectively carry out leadership roles and responsibilities
Program Dates and Times

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